Lofty Taxi

There is a better way to get from A to B in traffic

Flying cars would be so awesome...

...but are only possible in cartoons 

So build an elevated guideway and “fly” the cars above and below it

Guideway advantages:

  • Safety of fully separated crossings
  • Safe operation in adverse weather
  • Freedom from traffic, stops and stop lights
  • Leaves ground-space traversable for cyclists and pedestrians
  • Electrically powered vehicles without carrying heavy batteries and without range anxiety
  • Reduced energy needs due to steel wheels on steel rail, to minimal slowdowns and speedups and due to reduced travel time
  • Smooth ride
  • Quiet
  • Permanence of service for developments

Mass Transit mode

  • A capacity reaching 20,000 people per hour along a single dual-direction guideway. Consideration in the BRT1 and LRT2 range of service
  • Everyone is seated
  • Parties travel together exclusively, nonstop to destination
  • Running speed is 30 mph (45 km/h)
  • Top speed up to 85 mph (135 km/h) for higher-speed sections
  • Two bucket seats in the top running Podcars
  • Two side by side seating benches in the bottom Podcars. Accessible
  • Optimized for dual-direction lines along typical arterial roads

1 Bus Rapid Transit

2 Light Rail Transit

High Speed mode

  • Trains are formed for long distance, high-speed travel
  • The front and rear motive power propels the train like TGV1 or ICE2 do.
  • Trains are formed and depart quickly without schedules
  • Direct to destination service
  • Running speed like high-speed rail (HSR), but total travel time shorter

1 Train Grande Vitesse (French high-speed train)

2 Inter-City Express (German high-speed train)

Typical station

  • Elevator in every station
  • Podcars ready to be boarded or arriving shortly (1,200 podcar/hr capacity)
  • Glass doors in station open with Podcar doors, same as elevator
  • Stations closer than a 5 minute walk
  • Footprint of station is as long and as wide as a city bus
  • Stations climate controlled, access restricted and monitored
  • Vending machine, parcel box co-location possibility

  • Imagine Lofty Taxi in your city
  • Municipal leaders can welcome a Lofty Taxi proposal for specific routes
  • Provincial/State and Federal leaders can provide a matching grant for the working demonstration system phase and determine desirable intercity routes
  • Investors can put in around $10 million to see Lofty Taxi through to the working demonstration system phase


François Allard – Inventor, B.Sc. (Hons)

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